Our Story

O Egg Family Photos Welcome to our O'Egg website where you can learn about all the goings’ on, on the O’Egg family farm, where we produce Ireland’s tastiest Free Range eggs in the traditional way.   


Today we wonder what the early generations of the O’Egg family would think of modern day farming methods. That thought gave birth to the idea of producing eggs in an Artisan way.  


Fifteen generations of family have produced eggs on this farm, supplying firstly neighbours and later local shops.  In more recent years we started supplying a wider area.  So many impressed consumers went to the bother of contacting us with favourable comments about our tasty eggs that we realised there was need for a traditionally produced free range egg and so the O’Egg family challenge began. 


These days, in addition to using all the handed down knowledge in friendly traditional farming methods and husbandry the quality and food safety of our eggs are second to none. 


On the O’Egg farm “the chicken comes first”, which answers one question at least. They have dedicated pastures of lush green grass on which they are free to graze all day every day. They live in well equipped traditional type housing where they return several times a day from their rambles and for safety at night. Here too they feed, drink, sleep and lay those scrumptious free range eggs.  Their balanced healthy feed is made from natural grains & cereals only. They have continuous supplies of fresh spring water. 


That distinctive flavor is attributed to the happiness of the hens whos’ freedom allows them experience many hours of outdoor adventure, daily while they also have opportunity to interact with the farmer.  


They themselves make the choice to return to the house as often or as seldom as they like. So in effect the hens, the eggs and you our very important customer benefit from the decades of handed down know-how.